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Madison 40 (landscape turf)

$1.99 sq/ft

Madison 40 (landscape turf)


Milwaukee 70 (landscape)

$2.89 sq/ft

Milwaukee 70 (landscape)


Osh Kosh 60 (pet turf)

$2.99 sq/ft

Osh Kosh 60 (pet turf)


Belleview 105 (landscape turf)

$3.29 sq/ft

Belleview 105 (landscape turf)


Green Bay 70 (landscape turf)

$2.89 sq/ft

Green Bay 70 (landscape turf)


Kenosha 65 (landscape)

$2.49 sq/ft

Kenosha 65 (landscape)


Sheboygan 50 (putting green turf)

$2.89 sq/ft

Sheboygan 50 (putting green turf)

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Envirofill 12-20 High Performance Infill

$29.95 ea.

Landscape / Sport / Pet Grass Infill - Larger size (more drainage friendly) green acrylic coated rounded turf infill is infused with Microban antimicrobial protection which helps it knock out the growth of mold, mildew, bacteria, as well as reduces stains, odors, and turf product backing deterioration. Envirofill 12-20 is a pet odor-reducing agent that is comprised of larger, softly rounded green granules instead of smaller, sharper particles (such as un modified sand) which makes it very permeable and protects the turf backing. This gives your turf grass a longer lifespan, provides the ballast needed to stay in place and additional stout for the turf blades to remain vertical ie. resist matting. Plan on installing around 1.5 lbs per sq/ft of turf you plan installing. So let’s say you have 400 sq/ft of artificial turf you're about to install, since each bag is 50lbs we'd recommend adding around 12 bags in this example case.

Artificial Ivy - Boxwood

$11.95 ea.

Artificial Ivy is natural-looking and earth-friendly. Made from recycled materials these are UV protected and can be a quick and relatively easy way to enhance the interior/exterior of residential, commercial or industrial properties, transforming them into welcoming vertical gardens and warm artificial living walls. This is also a graffiti deterrent and can be perfect for covering unsightly views. Common applications include yard fences, backyard garage walls, balcony railings, deck walls, pools facades, hot tub fencing, restaurant or commercial space facades, cafes, real estate staging, apartments, rentals, special events, and more. Each ivy square is 20" x20". Though methods vary, typically installation involves installing 4 x 8’ treated plywood ½” thick sheets over coverage area(s) as the base layer and then using an electric stapler to connect the ivy panels to the plywood.

Envirofill 30 - 50 (putting green infill)

$34.95 ea.

Putting Green Infill - Super fine anticrobial mixed color putting green infill. The good stuff for your green, and as it turns out it's also the only infill with Microban that's small enough to get to the base of your putt turf (where it needs to go).

Artificial Ivy - Leaf

$11.95 ea.

Artificial Ivy is natural-looking and earth-friendly. Made from recycled materials these are UV protected and can be a quick and relatively easy way to enhance the interior/exterior of residential, commercial or industrial properties, transforming them into welcoming vertical gardens and warm artificial living walls. This is also a graffiti deterrent and can be perfect for covering unsightly views. Common applications include yard fences, backyard garage walls, balcony railings, deck walls, pools facades, hot tub fencing, restaurant or commercial space facades, cafes, real estate staging, apartments, rentals, special events, and more. Each ivy square is 20" x20". Though methods vary, typically installation involves installing 4 x 8’ treated plywood ½” thick sheets over coverage area(s) as the base layer and then using an electric stapler to connect the ivy panels to the plywood.

T Cool Infill

$24.95 ea.

T°Cool is a performance-based infill that provides for a turf surface temperature that is up to 50°F cooler. This infill is activated by adding moisture to your turf. Moisture that is either provided by dew in the morning, rainfall or a healthy dose of water from a good ole’ fashioned garden hose! It has slow release evaporative cooling technology built in which enables it to absorb heat energy and then reduce the overall turf surface temperature. T°Cool infill is also combined with Bac-Shield, which is a sustainable EPA registered antimicrobial agent, which means it also inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria and mitigates odors while ensuring your favorite turf space stays safe and cooler.

new material

$78 ea



$34.95 ea.

Zeolite infill is available in 50 lb bags. Zeolite infill is a one time application designed to help eliminate odors from pets by absorbing and trapping fluids. Once the fluid is trapped it doesn’t allow ammonium to convert into the gas which is the primary odor-causing agent in pet urine. It’s a good infill option for dog runs and is organic, natural and environmentally safe.

Drainage Sand (turf infill)

$5.95 ea.

50 lb bag of washed infill sand. This play sand is unique in that it as bigger sand particles mixed in with finer sand particles which allows for better drainage than conventional washed sand. As all infill material it's great for adding ballast, giving the turf blades stout and protecting the turf backing.

Seam Tape

$0.75 ea.

Tape is 12" wide and either side can be used. This tape is to be used in tandem with turf or construction adhesive to bring those edges together.

Seam Tape - self adhesive

$49.95 ea.

This seam tape has the adhesive already applied. It's awesome stuff and is sold by the roll. Each roll is 8" x 32' long

25 Year Weed Barrier

$0.59 Per Linear Foot

This roll is 4' wide and is sold by the linear foot.

Base Panels

$18.95 Each

Install turf anywhere you’d like without limitations. These panels add surface integrity over a prepared gravel base or can be added as a stand alone substrate in place of a custom prepared base. Great for putting greens and for roof decks where synthetic turf is desired but no deck is in place leaving only the roofing membrane to start with. Very permeable, non absorbent. Over/under locking feature. Shock pad, carries a great GMAX add built in . Each interlocking panel weighs 5.375 lbs and it's size is: 28”x28”x.75”. (the connecting “teeth” make these panels but they are 5.44 sq/ft each once installed)

Drainage Base Panels

$16.95 Per Drainage Panel

These 31” x 31” interlocking drain panels raise the entire profile 1” off the subbase and brings gravity into play. They have a 92% air-void provides fast and easy water removal. They are a 100% recycled copolymer which has the impact modifier “metallocene” added to it for qualification as a “No Break” plastic, making it able to withstand extreme heat and cold and still maintain performance. Each panel has quick snap connectors allows for effortless installation. They require minimal site disturbance, excavation and disposal.

45 mm Base Pads

$59.95 Per 3' x 7.4' (35mm thick) Pad

22.2 sq/ft per panel. Each turf pad is a closed-cell, cross-linked, polyethylene (PE) shock pad. It's closed cell structure means it does not absorb moisture. The cross-linking produces a three-dimensional bond between the molecules providing: -High degree of stiffness -High resistance to temperature and temperature changes (= better dimensional stability than other products!) -High chemical resistance Our shockpads also have a polyester (PET) geotextile mechanically bonded to one side. These characteristics make the product an excellent choice for playgrounds & fields (and have become very popular for indoor sports arenas). When installed, shock pad with artificial grass and infill can provide critical impact ratings up to a 12' fall height. These are a really great add for playgrounds or spot applications in aggregate in specific fall zones (like under the swings on a swingset, at the base of stairs of the climber, etc) or throughout entire substrate.

20 mm Base Pads

$29.95 ea.

22.2 sq/ft per panel. These pads are a little more economical than the 45mm pads. They have integrated drainage channels on the under side of the shock pad to allow increased water flow in the plane of the shock pad. For installations where additional (horizontal) drainage is needed or desired, the 20mm pads are a cost effective solution that also add softness to the step and enhanced fall ratings. This could also be used for new build fields with an impermeable base or impermeable liner as part of the turf system, or a replacement field with an existing stone base that does not offer proper drainage capacity for the installation of the new turf.

Rubber Mulch - Green

$695 ea.

Green colored 3/4" Rubber Mulch. Available in 2,000 lb super sacks for pick up or delivery .

Rubber Mulch - Red

$695 ea.

Red colored 3/4" Rubber Mulch. Available in 2,000 lb super sacks for pick up or delivery .

Rubber Mulch - Brown

$695 ea.

Brown colored 3/4" Rubber Mulch. Available in 2,000 lb super sacks for pick up or delivery .

Rubber Mulch - Black

$695 ea.

Black colored 3/4" Rubber Mulch. Available in 2,000 lb super sacks for pick up or delivery .

Rubber Mulch - Blue

$695 ea.

Blue colored 3/4" Rubber Mulch. Available in 2,000 lb super sacks for pick up or delivery .

Turf U Pins

$0.34 ea.

Heavy duty pins, made with 11 gauge steel and these are built to last and not bend when being hammered in. Each pin is 6" in length. These are great for enhancing the connectivity of seams or turf edges over a custom prepared gravel substrate. A great addition for the right turf installation applications. What makes the for right applications? It can get kind of wordy, call with questions. Also these are available in boxes of qty 200 for 59.95 / ea. which is a savings off individual specific lesser quantities. Orders of 200 will automatically be invoiced at the reduced full box amount.

Galvanized Turf Spikes

$0.29 ea

6" galvanized turf spikes. These are available by the box or individually. Typically if you are using turf spikes for turf connectivity over a compacted aggregate you would want to install these right at the edge about every 2-3" around the perimeter being covered and then sporadically throughout the sections of turf for stretching + anchoring. So...take the linear footage around the pattern for coverage (in feet), multiply that number x 12 (to convert to inches) then divide by 2.5 and you will have your "outer perimeter" spike count covered. Then you just need to come up with an estimate for how many you'd like for added connectivity throughout the interior (maybe 1 spike every 2 sq/ft) and there's your approximate turf spike number.

Full Box of Spikes Qty 414

$89.95 ea.

Each box has a quantity of 414 spikes. This brings the price per spike down to .22 per each when purchased by the box.

Putting Green Nails

$0.08 Per Nail

3.5 or 4" nails. These come in really handy when you're trying to stretch that putting green turf over a prepared base. These will keep the green secured to the substrate and will allow you to stretch it out as needed.

THE Turf Edging

$8.95 Ea.

Super commercial grade turf edging that will hold your pattern and won't break when you step on it in sub zero temps. Each piece is 7.5' long with a rigid (but also modifiable to bend) running a span that adds 1.75" of height, a great barrier around perimeter or as a tree ring. The "teeth" are connected to make and hold straight lines which is uncommon with conventional edging. They can also be clipped to allow for creating sweeping soft turns too. These are great for creating a clean end point or edge for artificial turf in areas that don't have a natural or built border (foundations, paths, curbs, etc.) where the turf meets when being installed. These are also great for creating a clean rounded turf turn with great arc symmetry. They are very instrumental in adding to the clean aesthetic quality of a professional turf installation. That’s not all! They are also super for adding around tree bases to make a clean turf edge around trees creating containment when adding decorative stone at the base. These edges are also very functional too in that they help keep any landscape mulch/decorative stone, organic ground covers etc. at bay in their spot surrounding turf instead of no edge installed which promotes eroding or mixing of ground cover materials into the turf. Please note, these DO NOT come with any turf spikes or mending plates for installation, those can be added in the quantity needed ala cart independently. These are super high quality, made of recycled materials, weatherproof and very strong.

Edging Anchor Spikes

$0.69 ea.

You’ll need to space these every 3-4 feet throughout your edging run, and then more at the connection point of each piece of edging. Plan on approximately 6 or 7 spikes per 7.5’ strip of edging. Hammer into place, spikes will grab substrate more over time guaranteeing your edge stays true. Built for the long haul, just like the edging, just like the turf.

Turf Spike Hammer

$12.95 Each

Yep. It's a hammer. These come in handy to sink the 6" turf spikes as needed or to knock your installer on the head for screwing up the seam. We have plenty available if you need one, or two.

Turf Cutter

$18.95 Each

This is great a great tool for cutting turf, and it comes with 5 extra blades that are storable in the handle.

Turf Scissors

$9.95 Each

These are great 8" turf scissors, good for trimming turf at the edges of perimeter as well as point of connection at seams.

Turf Kicker

$129.95 Each

This is a great must have tool for stretching turf while installing. The adjustable turf kicker is engineered with extra heavy aluminum castings and industrial grade steel to provide rugged strength and durability. This commercial grade turf stretcher features double locking pins to easily adjust the length from 19 In. to 23”. The high contour neck is specifically designed for pulling artificial grass tight over substrate. Steel teeth are retractible with a twist of the dial.

25 Tape Measure

$18.95 Each

25 foot x 1.25 inch tape rule with belt clip. It’s easy to read and lockable. You can find these pretty much anywhere and most likely you already have several of these in your garage, warehouse or that junk drawer in your house where you throw all those random things that you have to root through to find. If you can't find your tape measure, we've got plenty if you need another.

Artificial Grass Line Marking Paint

$12.95 ea.

Available in a variety of vivid colors including white, this turf paint delivers single-coat coverage, quick-drying results, crisp clear lines and more – all in a convenient aerosol container. The universal tip is designed with the end user in mind. The finger-friendly applicator features a wide surface area for one-finger use and the spray nozzle is uniquely designed to sit out of the way of your finger, resulting in no more paint on your fingertips. This can be used with either the 1 wheel spray want, 4 wheel cart or by hand.

Turf Field Line Marking Cart

$289.95 ea.

This paint marking machine offers the best stability with four 10-inch solid flat free rubber tires, a wider axel, and an all metal frame. It also has the sprayer in the middle of the machine to prevent wind interference, giving you a cleaner line on your field. This machine can be used with 18 oz. or 20 oz. aerosol paint cans.

Turf Field Line Marking Stick

$59.95 ea.

34" long. Wheel for operating ease. Easy to use for stenciling or line touch-ups. Durable plastic construction. Makes application easier. Also good for strategically making perfect arcs when used in conjunction with a wire and stake in the ground.

Power Broom (gas)

$899.95 Each

This bristle power broom is customized by us and Stihl. It is built by Stihl for us and then once in our possession we reverse the direction of the broom rotation, modify the size of the plastic fender and then add steel bracing for better overall integrity. Once fully built, it’s great tool for infilling, brushing and general maintenance of artificial grass. This power tool really helps move the blades of artificial grass into a vertical state allowing the grass to stand-up better and look more life-like.

Power Broom (electric)

$299.95 ea.

Electric has it's benefits over gas. Easier operation, quieter and this model is less expensive. It's not quite as quick and powerful as the Stihl but gets the job done and might be better for less commercial applications. The Roll & Comb 141 power brush helps clean the leaves, pine needles and other debris from the lawn while fluffing-up and brushing up the turf fibers. Thanks to its low weight and its adjustable handlebar design, it helps maintain the correct working position. It is easy to carry and store and ideal for artificial turf lawns.

Turf Broom

$34.95 Each

This turf broom has stiff bristles make it perfect for preparing bases and rejuvenating turf fibers. Features include lock technology and anti-rotation socket so broom head never comes loose. We'll call this the "poor man's power broom", and it works pretty well.

Electric Turf Stapler

$179.95 ea.

This stapler is a great way to stretch and attach your ChiTurf to a substrate that is a wood base. For instance, 3/4" 4 x 8 sheets of treated plywood over joists 16” on center. Don’t forget to drill ½” holes in the wood for drainage! But hey, one FAQ about this item: Why does it keep tripping the breaker? Answer: Because when it fires it draws close to 20 amps, so a high quality extension cord connected to the appropriate outlet is a great start when using this tool once you've got those safety goggles on. This sucker is like a semi-automatic machine gun so be careful and don’t forget the staples!

Turf Staples

$29.95 ea.

These aint yo mama’s staples! What we have here are super heavy duty commercial grade wood grabbers that work great with the wood staple gun. Each box contains 5,000 staples, 20 gauge 3/16” x 9/16” galvanized divergent point narrow crown staples. Bang er' in. Safety glasses recommended because of all the 5 senses, sight just might be the most important one.

Seam Glue

$14.95 Each

Polyurethane glue used for seaming. Large tube, 28 fluid ounces works with applicator tool. This is not conventional turf seam adhesive but is easier to apply using the seam glue dispenser tool and can be a stronger bond if used correctly in comparison to some turf adhesive products (not all) on the market.

Seam Glue Dispenser

$19.95 Each

Seam Glue Dispenser. Some folks call these "caulk guns" but when used to apply adhesive another name would be appropriate...like, seam glue dispenser. This is used for the 28oz tubes of adhesive (not the smaller tubes).

Rachet Straps

$12.95 ea.

These are 15' each and have 1,500 lbs of break force, should be plenty to tie down that turf if you forgot to bring straps at pick up.

Turf Gloves

$4.95 pairs

These are the best turf gloves. You will retain great dexterity but they also provide great protection with the added rubber coating. Turf backing is pretty abrasive and that adhesive can be pretty hard to remove from hands. Wrap it up! Keep in mind they are available in all sizes except for extra small, small, medium and extra large. Or in other words, large only.

2 x 4 Treated Wood Framing

$5.95 Per 8' Linear Feet

2x4x8' wood framing. it's used as an underlayment in some cases for installing turf. This will be provided in 2 x 4 x 8' lengths and is available for local pickup or local delivery only.

Mending Plates

$4.95 Each

Steel mending plates. These can be used to connect 2x4 framing.

Window Film for Turf

$299.95 Ea.

5’ x 54” in size. This window film protects your artificial turf by reducing the sun’s damaging reflection off of your home or business’s windows. This window film is an exterior applied perforated window film that is guaranteed to stop the melting of artificial turf from window reflections. After installing this you are able to see pretty clear out of your windows like before (similar to looking through a bug screen). Clear allows for the best visibility out and allows the most natural light in. This isn't a "tint' but a perforated film, which means it has holes in it much like a bug screen. This is needed in rare instances where the suns intensity if reflected off of windows facing the South and East only, something to keep in mind when putting turf in, next to windows that face those directions.

Flat Head Shovel

$29.95 per shovel

This is a size 2 flat head shovel, with 44" wood handle. Great for moving materials such as sand, dirt or gravel into wheel barrows. Not so great for digging, for that you will need a spade shovel and we have those too. However, you shouldn't need a spade shovel for anything artificial turf installation related unless you're removing bushes or shrubs! It is what it is, and we have them if you need em'.

Hand Tamper

$49.95 ea.

This is a great tool for compacting base aggregate material in small spaces using in combination with a plate compactor. Conventionally a gas power plate compactor is required for preparing turf bases but in small applications this can be used as a substitute but it better suited as an "addition to" a gas powered plate compactor. We recommend Wacker for any gas powered plate compator needs, but do not have those available for purchase or rent.

Landscape Rake

$69.95 Each

Used for preparing aggregate turf bases for compaction, typically after a smaller rake has spread the gravel first. This is a great tool to really dial in that artificial turf base prior to final compaction. The head of this rake is 36" wide.

Turf Dolly

$389.95 Each

This makes moving turf once it’s at your location a whole lot easier. The thing about artificial grass is can be kind of a logistic nightmare depending on how big that roll you need is. Super heavy/long rolls complimented by virtually no leverage to get ahold of it to make move it around a little challenging. If you have one of these guys, the turf can be off loaded onto the dolly and then it’s a two person push/pull balancing act from there. Load capacity: 500lbs, 25” platform width, 19.5” platform height, pneumatic caster wheels on a steel frame. Lets roll! It's better than dragging.

Putting Green Cups

$59.95 Each

These cups are 4.25" diameter, 3.75" deep. They are made of heavy duty resin. The sticks are 1/2" diameter and 33” tall with a top ball portion that is screwed in place as a cap for the flag. Ohh and flags, you can have any color you prefer as long as it's either yellow, white or blue. Fore!

Putting Green Hole Cap

$18.95 ea.

This is a great accessory to any residential or commercial putting green that fits in all standard size putting green holes. The cup cover is made of high quality plastic and is UV protected. This cap is 4.3” x 2” which can be inserted on top of the hole with a base that drops down to lightly anchor it in. When you remove the sticks and place it, it can prevent kids from twisting ankles while running around.


$169.95 ea.

Wysi-Wash is a great way to clean your turf for dog turf related applications and others. This package system comes with a spray nozzle and a bucket of 9 pellets. Each pellet lasts about 3.5 hours of continuous spraying so this kit contains product to last you quite a long time. Insert the pellet into the spray system and wha la! It’s the best system on the market for cleaning your artificial turf, kind of a must have for artificial turf used for areas where those dogs get down to all that dog business that they may conduct on the daily on the turf you just installed. It’s pretty strong stuff, so be a little careful spraying on anything metal or potentially corrosive, but it might just be what your artificial turf needs. So in summary: It’s an easy and effective way to disinfect animal care facilities. It accurately delivers USDA approved levels of active chlorine . Wysi Wash is very effective against a wide range of pathogens including Canine Parvovirus. This product is biodegradable and safe for the environment.

Wysi-Wash Replacement Pellets

$46.95 per bucket of 9 pellets

So this is a replacement bucket of 9 replacement pellets for your Wysi-Wash turf cleaning system. Qty 9, got it? Lets do some math! Each pellet gives you about 3.5 hours of spray time. So this bucket will give you 31.5 hours of continuous turf spraying. Nice. So then lets say you have a 500 sq/ft yard and you might spend an average of 15 minutes of Wysi spraying each week for 2/3rds of the year here in the Midwest. In this instance you would run through about 8.6 pellets (per year).